Amanda, Please

     If you’re on Twitter, Instagram or Vine these days (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you’ve probably seen or heard some things recently about Amanda Bynes. Best remembered as a Nickelodeon child star for her roles on television shows such as All That and The Amanda Show, Amanda’s position in the public eye has recently taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

     Several celebrity gossip magazines and websites have voiced their growing concern for ImageAmanda and her “sad spiral of shame.” On various social media sites, Amanda has been posting alarming videos and pictures of herself displaying bizarre behavior. In one such picture, Amanda is posing on a bathroom counter, topless and wearing nothing but hot pants and ripped fishnet stockings. Amanda has spoken out to inTouch magazine, defending her actions and claiming that she is in perfect mental health.

     Despite the increasing worries about Amanda Bynes’ current behavior, there are many ways to take hold of her situation and spin it in a more positive light. Amanda has a following comprised mostly of preteen to teenage girls who were fans of hers back in her All That days. It is important to reach out to these fans and regain their support for a celebrity whom they once idolized. An effective tactic would be to call a press conference where Amanda herself speaks to a crowd of both press and fans and explains her recent actions.

     It is not necessarily important for Amanda to apologize for her actions, just so long as she has decent explanations behind them. It is important for her to rule out any possibility of there being drug or alcohol involvement in her sporadic behavior.

     In order to portray Amanda in a more positive light, it would be immensely beneficial to Imagehave her come out of retirement from acting and get back in to television and film. At the height of her career, Amanda had her own successful television program and starred in several box office hit movies. This presence in the public eye would be enormously helpful in keeping Amanda on track and engaging in positive behaviors that will result in a positive response from the public, her fans and the media.

     This campaign would be risky, especially since Amanda Bynes has recently proven herself to be somewhat unpredictable. In drawing attention to her situation by wanting to make improvements, it could backfire very easily and create even more negative attention for Amanda if she continues her reckless behavior and does not follow her public rehabilitation program.

     Changing the public’s opinion of a celebrity who is being called “crazy” by several online and print tabloid sources is not easy, but with the proper public relations tactics and a dedicated client, anyone is capable of turning their image around.

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