Two Visions of the Future

It’s amazing to think that when my parents were at the age that I am now that they had access to nowhere near the amount of technology that I use today on a very regular basis. I’m sure if you told a teenager in the 1970s that within the next 30 years, 1.06 billion people will be accessing and connecting through a website on their computers, cell phones and
Imagewhere they can share videos and pictures in real time to anyone, anywhere in the world at any time, they would be in (understandable) disbelief. Nowadays, there practically isn’t a soul on Earth who doesn’t use Facebook—or at least know what it is.

That just goes to show how nearly impossible it is to predict where our society will be in 20, 10, or even 5 years from now. In a society so heavily dependent on technology where new and amazing innovations are constantly being released, things could very easily take a dramatic turn for the better or for the worse—depending on how we as a civilization decide to act. On that note, I give you the year 2035. . . . . . .

     I hear the dim sounds of ocean waves, cascading over one another as a bird chirps in the background. The sound gradually crescendos, starting off quietly and getting successively louder over the course of 60 seconds until I am very gently and gradually woken up. Once I am fully awake I think, “alarm off” and the sounds immediately stop. Just one perk of the implantation chip in my brain is not having to get out of bed to shut an alarm off. While the chip is a fairly new addition, I am already beginning to get used to it.

All babies born after 2030 are given the chip on their first day of life, but since I was already 17 when the chip was invented, it is not as familiar to me as those who are essentially born with it. Steve Jobs III is the mastermind behind the BrainWave™, an innovation that has single-handedly changed the way we as a human race live. The chip was first invented and implanted on 5 test subjects for 10 years and after seeing the life-changing effects it had on the test subjects, the U.S. Government passed a law to make the chip mandatory in every American. This law eventually caught on to other countries until every inhabitant of Earth was implanted with a BrainWave device.

Since the globalization of the BrainWave, our world has not seen a single war. There is no more poverty, no disease, and the average life expectancy has soared to 202 years. The BrainWave chip is a multifunctional device that acts as an immune system strengthener, sending hormones and antibodies throughout your body at the first onsite of illness, before Imageyou even know that you are sick. People are healthier and therefore happier. The absence of illness and increase in happiness led to worldwide alliances and cooperation, effectively abolishing all inter-country conflict. The chip improves speed and capability of brain functions, allowing the top innovators of our time to invent amazing revolutions, also improving upon the design and function of the BrainWave.

The BrainWave allows us to change our clothes with a single thought. We can change the color  of our clothes merely by touching an object of the desired color. It also functions almost as a pair of second eyes; if you’re too preoccupied texting to watch where you’re going while crossing the street, the chip will send signals to your muscles to stop yourself if you are put in harm’s way. The BrainWave delivers news, education, information and directions on any subject matter directly into the frontal lobe of the brain. The functions and possibilities of the BrainWave are ever expanding and endless, ranging from simple every day tasks to overall lifestyle improvements.

The BrainWave has made changes to communication technologies that we never before thought possible. Phone and video calls can be made anywhere, at any time; the chip produces a projection suspended in the air up to 12 inches away from your eye level that allows you to see, hear and communicate with another person in real time. This innovation completely changed the face of the communication industry as we know it; movie and television producers use the live streaming video projection as a way to advertise and stream movies and shows and news stations have the ability to cover and share news stories on the spot.

ImageOur society is now one of peace and health. We are constantly innovating and improving upon our technologies and ourselves. Thanks to the invention and mass expansion of the
BrainWave, our amazingly advanced society lives in a healthy harmony while never becoming complacent and always striving to continue making changes to better our world and ourselves.

* * *

     I sit at my kitchen table, dressed in the government-issued gray jumpsuit and reading the headlines of the Daily Newspaper. Since The New Depression hit, I haven’t read a single newspaper headline that didn’t begin with “death,” “catastrophe,” or some other depressing word. The New Depression came after the 46th President of the United States was pressured by his supporters to keep good on his pre-election promise and approved nationwide free healthcare. Shortly after, our government became completely bankrupt. After several poor correspondences and broken promises with the leaders of other countries, our President completely alienated our country so we received no support during our financial crisis.

     After America fell into a state of financial and personal despair, the rest of the world’s countries followed suit. The artificial intelligence innovations perfected by scientists over the years was thought to be the help the world needed to increase productivity and aimprove the value of life but things took a dramatic turn for the worse. Unfortunately, the scientists did too good of a job creating the AI bots and within 6 months, the robots completely erased the need for human presence. Every industry’s work could be entirely done by machines and unemployment soared to an unprecedented 95%.

     In response to the complete collapse of society, the impressionable President allowed the few wealthy Americans left to run the country through him. Those few people who managed to withhold what was left of the nation’s finances are now entirely in control of what policies get passed in the country. They choose what news reaches the masses and what news is withheld from us.

    I no longer work a part time job but I do still attend school. My classes are taught by TeachBots who are programmed by the President and his affiliates to teach us students only what they deem as important. We have no control over what we learn, what we wear or what awe eat. As a country, we elected a weak man filled with empty promises and now we are paying for it. Our country is poor and run entirely by those few with money who push only their own personal agendas. We are ruled by the technology we ourselves created to help us but ironically were pushed out of our jobs and lives as a result of perfecting those innovations.


     The future is a place that holds endless opportunities but it is important to understand that we are in control of which direction our society goes in. I had fun concocting these drastic visions of  myself experiencing the different scenarios that the future could hold, but it also really caused me to reflect on how our behavior now can effect us in the future. That being said, I invite you to ask yourself this: what do you see for our future?

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